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Communication and Media Studies.

A.A. 2020/2021
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Durata: 1500 ore
CFU: 60

Tematica SSD CFU
Media, Culture, and Society 8
Strategic Brand Management 8
International Journalism 8
Digital Communication and Social Media 6
Media Planning and Advertising Management 8
Visual Communication 8
Research Methods 5
Final Dissertation 9

This postgraduate MASTER course aims to train current and future professionals interested in contributing to the communication and media sectors. The programme deals with a wide range of conventional and new topics, including the developments in digital communications, social media, as well as the increasing focus on visuals as important communication tools.

Through this programme, students will be provided with the critical and technical skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving communication and media industry effectively.

Media and advertising practitioners, branding and marketing communications managers/executives, creative designers, communication and media studies lecturers, media producers, social media specialists, arts and social sciences undergraduates.

The delivery of the Master’s contents is carried out through the e-learning platform, accessible 24/7. Such e-learning pattern foresees a training path, provided with assistance and access to teaching materials especially developed, accessible online, and to a range of interactive educational activities. Lecturers will also interact with the students and assist in any academic matters.

Students are expected to:

  • study the didactic material specifically arranged;
  • participate in online activities;
  • successfully pass the evaluation tests delivered on the Platform;
  • successfully meet the required learning outcomes of each module as stated in course outline in order to pass the assignments;
  • revise the assignments according to the lecturers’ comments in an event of the failure to meet one or more of the learning outcomes for each module;
  • successfully pass the final dissertation in presence at any of approved exam locations.


  • The following access qualifications are required:
  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent Level 6 qualifications.

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